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Stability and Photostability Chambers

Powers Scientific

Laboratory Refrigerators, Chromatography Refrigerators, 2-8C Biological Refrigerators, Pass-Through Refrigerators Pharmacy Refrigerators, Safety Refrigerators

Environmental Chambers

Biological Incubators (Refrigerated and Heated Only), Protein Crystal Growth Chambers, Rodent Incubators, Insect Chambers, Stability Chambers, Photostability Chambers, Plant Growth Chambers  More ...

Sterilizers and Steam Generators:

Laboratory Sterilizers, Bulk Sterilizers, Custom Sterilizers, cGMP Terminal Sterilizers including Vacuum, Steam-Air Mixture, and Water Spray; Clean Steam Generators, Pure Steam Generators

Temperature Control and Environmental Chambers:

CO2 Incubators, Gravity Convection Ovens, Forced Air Ovens, Vacuum Ovens, Gravity Convection Incubators, Forced Air Incubators, Refrigerated Incubators, Biological Incubators, Stability Chambers, Photostability Chambers   More ...

Percival Scientific
Reach-in Chambers 

Plant Growth, Plant Tissue Culture, Seed Germination, Arabidopsis, Low Temperature, LED Lighting, Dew Formation, Biological Incubators, Drosophila, Insect Rearing, BOD Incubators, Algae, Stability Chambers, Custom Build

Walk-in Controlled Environment Rooms

Plant growth, biological incubation, insect rearing, and other applications; standard and custom sizes with customizable options and features.  More ...

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