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Lab Planning and Design

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Since 1992, Atlantic Technology Group has worked closely with lab planners, owners, architects, engineers, and contractors to program and install laboratory and process equipment for millions of square feet of laboratory and process spaces. Our long and varied background working in both laboratory and process environments make us uniquely qualified in the industry to consult and assist all stakeholders in making the right equipment selections for their project.

Specializing in the key critical lab and process equipment that allows facilities to conduct their best science and work, we have a unique understanding of matching applications to equipment for the best outcomes. We understand process flow and how different pieces of equipment work together. If you are planning a new lab or process facility, contact us to learn how we can help you deliver a great project to your clients. Our project work expertise includes:

  • College, university, and medical school laboratory buildings and facilities
  • Lab renovations and tenant upfits
  • Lab animal care facilities and vivariums
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech QC and QA labs
  • cGMP manufacturing spaces
  • Federal labs including NIH, NCI, USDA, FDA, DEA, DOD, EPA
  • Environmental labs including municipal, commercial, and industrial
  • Industrial labs including chemical, materials science, food, and beverage
  • Plant growth facilities
  • Insect rearing facilities
  • Forensic crime laboratories
  • Cosmetic QC/QA laboratories
  • Compounding pharmacies
  • Biomedical laboratories
  • Medical device manufacturing labs

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